Digital Services

Enabling global access to pharmaceuticals. Lives depend on it!
As a leader in the industry, we offer our customers the most beneficial tools and services in the market. Log into the 可以赌足球的app Portal to benefit from the various sustainability and digitalization services available to you. Listed below are some of the services our customers appreciate the most.

Online Self-service

The 可以赌足球的app portal provides you with a single point of access to order information and services. From any device and at any time, you can perform a variety of tasks more quickly and easily.

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Shipment report

To increase the visibility of your cold chain and get the opportunity to identify any weak points and for you to work proactively to minimize temperature deviations, we offer a service that records the crucial shipment data, the Shipment report. 

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Live Monitoring

Live Monitoring is available only with Releye® containers at no additional charge. It is a complementary service included with all Releye® containers.

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Control Tower

可以赌足球的app Control Tower service offers a global team of operators that is following a shipment’s every move, ready to respond within minutes to any critical event. The 可以赌足球的app Control Tower service is included with all Releye® leases. 

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